Answer questions such as what offerings are drawing the most registrations, how many of your learners are returning, or which intakes are most popular. Gain overview insights or drill down into the detail.

Multiple data views

View data through different lenses, to match the differing questions you need to answer. Organise by learner, registrations, intakes and more.

CSV download

Download all your detailed data in CSV form, giving you whole picture and raw data needed to perform your own analysis.

Custom report

Chat to our team about custom reports, allowing you to gain specific insights for your business.

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Extract data via our API

Ingest Course Hub data into your other systems via Course Hub's API, or check out what other integrations options are available.

View our integrations page for more detail.

Visual highlights

Coming soon

For quick reference and simple communication, view insights distilled into dynamic visuals and graphs.

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