Reach your target audience and connect with learners.


Generate coupons to drive time-sensitive campaigns. Customise fixed or percentage values, constrained by redemptions, offerings, intakes, or dates and times.

Choose between bulk or single coupons, giving you flexibility on how each coupon code is tracked as it’s used.

Shareable check-outs

Speed up transactions for specific campaigns through pre-populated check-outs. Specify an offering, intake or apply a coupon, then share the check-out and let your customer add in their personal details to complete the transaction.

SEO and analytics

Increase your visibility by adding SEO titles and meta-data to each of your offerings.

Gain insights into who is using your site and how, how many incomplete transactions you have and what offerings are getting the most views.

Register interest

For offerings that aren’t ready to take enrolments, use a register interest to take their email address and add it to a list. This way you can grow your email list, and gauge interest to decide which offerings to prioritise.

Promotional flags

Use flags to promote your offerings and drive conversions. Add visual cues so offerings stand out in your catalogues, with flags such as ‘New’, ‘Bestseller’, ‘Coming soon’.

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