Create a compelling and unique branded experience, controlling how your portal is displayed and structured.

Branded by you

Control the brand experience with a custom website and domain. Provide your audiences with a slick and consistent experience from course discovery to purchase and registration.

Fast, responsive and WCAG compliant

Course Hub portals are all fast, mobile-first, and WCAG 2.0 compliant. Learners can find and register for courses on the go.

Flexible catalogues

Create catalogues that let you group your offerings in ways that are relevant to your different audiences.

Target B2B customers with their own page and offering set, showcase your best-selling experiences, or create campaign landing pages to drive registrations for specific topics or course types.

Custom filter categories

Create custom filters to help your learners discover offerings relevant to them.

Combine filters and facets to allow users to drill-down by multiple categories, such as topic, credits and delivery mode.

Custom emails

Use automated, custom, branded emails sent after registration to welcome your learners with the information they need to get started. Create and store templates to quickly email whole intakes, enabling you to manage student communications in one platform.

Wondering about a feature you don't see here?

Our team problem solve with our customers everyday. We partner to build new functionality, and drive our roadmap and priorities. If you can't see what you're after, get in touch with us and we'll explore how we can make it happen.

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