A rapid shift online, enabling scale and reducing costs

Phoenix Australia
Professional Training and Development
A rapid shift online, enabling scale and reducing costs


An urgent need to move online

Phoenix Australia deliver world-leading mental health and trauma training, programs of research and knowledge translation. Demand for Phoenix’s training increased significantly after Australia’s devastating bush fires over the 2020-21 summer season, before increasing again as Covid-19 hit. With all training delivered face to face, Phoenix sought to rapidly move online to meet demand at this critical time across the country.

Working with government, business and public customers, Phoenix needed a way to transition to online delivery and distribution, in a way that was flexible enough to meet different customer requirements. After doing an in-depth review of learning management systems, Phoenix found few incorporated an e-commerce tool flexible enough to manage all their delivery needs.

“Most LMS’ don’t have anything to do the e-commerce side and are just there to do the learning.”


A flexible, market-facing storefront

Integrating directly with Phoenix’s Canvas and Moodle learning management systems, Phoenix chose Course Hub as their branded, simple and streamlined way to go to market with their online offerings. Course Hub's API driven architecture also enabled a custom API to be developed, allowing the data captured in Palette to flow through to Phoenix’s other systems, keeping everything in sync.

Phoenix now use Course Hub's coupon functionality in combination with the ability to lock down offerings for private access, to manage and deliver B2B enrolments. Capturing custom and dynamic data through registration forms is underpinning better insights into their target audiences, whilst the white-labelled and mobile-first portal experience is an important digital property expressing Phoenix’s recent brand review.

The Phoenix team now manage their portal through the self-service admin panel, adding and editing offerings, creating coupons, managing registrations and more. Course Hub is underpinning their ability to scale, and opening up new business opportunities along the way.

“We are getting projects now that we didn’t even know we would be considering as a business.”


A partnership in ongoing growth

Phoenix’s Course Hub portal was live within a matter of weeks, and only a few months later, Phoenix had moved to almost 100% online. In this time, the Phoenix and Course Hubt teams worked together to build out a range of new functionality driving further automation and efficiencies.

This has not only improved Course Hub as a product, but has helped Phoenix deliver further impact in the important work they do.

“From my perspective, the best thing about Course Hub is the responsiveness and willingness to seek a solution.”


  • Training enrolments have doubled and are on track to triple
  • Help desk inquiries have dropped to almost 0
  • Dormant courses have gotten renewed interest
  • With automated registrations and payments, they have significantly reduced staff costs
“We can now manage scale with fewer staff.”

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