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Course Hub simplifies administration and enables education providers to market courses, manage enrolments, and take payment - all in one place.
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Course Hub, formerly known as Palette, enables education providers to easily market courses and manage learner payment and enrolments. Course Hub functions as a central hub to manage course information and learner data.

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Irish Universities Association

One of our key priorities during this project was to put the needs of learners at the heart of The Course Hub team's immersive way of embedding UX research at each stage of development has resulted in a platform that empowers both learners and enterprise to engage in short, flexible lifelong learning opportunities in Ireland.

Irish Universities Association
Higher Education
Phoenix Australia

“If we’re selling a product to an organisation, we want them to have an easy and postive experience. The feedback we’re getting is that’s the case - Course Hub is 100% part of that.”

Phoenix Australia
Professional Training and Development

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